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Our UV ovens are specially designed for thedrying of UV paints photosensitive, ensuring high production speed and low temperatures during the press.


EFC srl is specialized in the design and construction of drying systems spoked ultraviolets, equipped with integrated control and power supply block or separate. These systems can include one or more drying units, ready to be integrated in production lines or, if equipped with conveyor belt/rollers, can be inserted as an autonomous drying unit at the end of the line. To satisfy the specific needs of each application, our technicians are available to study customized solutions, also offering the possibility of demonstration tests at the our factory.

The Future of Technology

In recent years, we have observed notable growth in the UV technologies LED, powered by the increase in power achieved and the increase of the efficiency of process at specific wavelengths that react with photo-initiators for the polymerization of inks, paints and UV glues.

UV LED technology represents the solution for the future of manufacturing processes UV curing in one wide range of applications. These include the UV curing of glues and paints on surfaces such as wood, metal and printed electronics, as well as use in inks for the printing industry, both digital, flexographic and screen printing. Furthermore, the particular applications such as printing on glass and in the automotive sector are benefiting enormously from this new technology.


Maximization of Efficiency Energy

Each request is carefully evaluated by highly specialized technicians, who select the most suitable technology suited to the specifications of the material to be treated, taking into account the customer's needs.

The proposed technological solution is designed to maximize energy efficiency of the plant and guarantee high homogeneity of the final treated product, responding so fully to the needs of customers.

EFC is specialized in the design and construction of UV drying systems complete with electrical panels and UV lamps. To request a free quote, please contact us please contact us without hesitation. We operate in Bologna and everywhere the national territory.

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