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| Two-phase transformers

When we refer to two-phase systems, we are referring to distribution systems of electricity which are based on only two phases (phase and neutral, or two phases of three-phase system).

two-phase transformers are static electrical machines capable of adjust the value of a two-phase alternating voltage, increasing or reducing it.

Our company, active for over 60 years in the automation sector industrial in province of Bologna, as well as throughout the entire territory national, specializes in the production and supply of transformers two-phasefor uses industrial, hospital installations, electrical and electrotechnical systems, and more still.


Main technical characteristics of two-phase transformers:

> Primary tension: customer proposal
> Secondary tension: customer proposal
> Frequency: 50-60 Hz
> Operating temperature: max 40 °C
> Protection degree: IP00 (open)
> Insulation Class: F (155 °C)
> Insulation test voltage: max 5000 V



Structure of two-phase transformers

two-phase transformers have a basic structure composed of a U-shaped core made of ferromagnetic material and two coils, one for each column of the core. The Vertical parts of the core, where the coils are wound, are called columns. On Each coil is wound with two enamelled copper wires, which can be plugged in series or in parallel.

The winding connected to the power line is called the primary winding, while the one connected to the user is called secondary winding.

To minimize eddy currents,the magnetic core is made up of thin laminations (with a typical thickness between 0.35 and 0.50 mm) made with a league of iron and silicon. These laminations are covered with an insulating layer and are narrow and fixed to each other via locking brackets.

The construction of the lamellar core, narrow and fixed using package-holding brackets, is designed for:

> Ensure solid mechanical stability ai transformers
> Minimize energy losses in the iron due to hysteresis and eddy currents

Alternative proposals

Our company stands out as a serious and dynamic production company in the manufacturing sector construction of dry electric transformers for two-phase air.

Thanks to the use of high quality materials and the adoption of advanced technologies, we are able to create two-phase transformers with innovative solutions, ensuring the full compliance with thermal, electrical and regulatory requirements.

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