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Ovens for UV lamps

UV (ultraviolet) ovens are a solution excellence for the rapid and high-quality drying of paints, ensuring a characterized process by speed, durability and color brilliance.

They are particularly suitable for drying UV inks and varnishes photosensitive, which polymerize thanks to exposure to ultraviolet rays. These ovens can be integrated on machines and printing lines, both with feeding from above that from below, offering flexibility and adaptability to different production needs.


Our company, operating in the electromechanical and automation field industrialis present in the province of Bologna and throughout the national territory. In addition to production of transformers and autotransformers, we offer a wide range of components and systems for powering medium pressure UV lamps, including ovens UV.

Each UV oven is designed to house a single UV lamp and the necessary accessories for control and cooling. To achieve high radiated powers, it is possible install multiple ovens along the printing line, ensuring uniform distribution and effective use of the UV light needed for the curing process.



Basic and Deluxe options

Our line of ovens, called the F.UV series, is available in two variants: Basic e Deluxe, both featuring elliptical reflectors designed for to concentrate the UV emission on the material to be dried.

Both versions include a painted cabinet and dishes with replaceable reflectors in aluminium.

The Deluxe version offers additional features such as a shutter tire and the provision for a quartz filter for the absorption of infrared rays. Furthermore, we are able to provide customized executions on request.

Using our UV ovens offers a number of benefits, including:

> Excellent quality and finish
> High gloss of the printed material
> Excellent scratch resistance
> Possibility of printing on thermosensitive materials

Sectors of use

Our F.UV ultraviolet ovens find applications in a wide range of applications range of sectors industrial. From the screen printing industry, where they are used for fixing UV inks on plastic, paper or textile supports, to the film treatment industry wood, where they are used for drying paints, enamels or UV lacquers on panels, profiles and fixtures.

Upon specific customer request, we can supply complete systems UV drying by place above the transport in the customer's painting line. These systems they include the F.UV oven, the command and control panel, the UV lamps L.UV type and cables connection to interface the control panel with the UV oven. We also offer UV system installation services on the machine.

Furthermore, you can customize the color of the UV oven according to your preferences customer.

Contact us for further information on our products, quotes and prices. Our experienced team will be happy to provide all the information you need. We operate in province of Bologna and throughout the national territory.

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