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| Portable sanitizing box

The sanitiser device is a compact case, equipped internally of a system UV-C LEDs.

UV-C radiation, known for its germicidal properties (UVGI), is a kind of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between 200 and 280 nm. UV-C LEDs are our preferred emission source for this purpose.

UV-C LEDs have a narrow spectrum, with a distinctive and powerful peak a about 275 nm, although they can vary between 240 and 280 nm depending on the doping of the semiconductor during production. The choice of 275 nm was made to maximize the efficiency of the UV-C LED.

The germicidal effect on viruses and bacteria is generated by the energy radiated from the source UV-C, obtained by multiplying the radiated power (mW/cm²) by the exposure time.

Our sanitizing device guarantees sufficient average power to sterilize objects in just 5 minutes (default timer setting), meeting the requirements for sanitization against COVID-19.

It is important to note that the surface to be sanitized must be clean and that UV-C light may not fully reach shaded areas or rough surfaces.

The device is also equipped with asecurity system that disables i LEDif the lid is opened during operation.

If you need a portable solution to effectively sterilize objects and tools, welcome to contact us. We are active in Bologna and throughout Italy.

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