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Transformers for UV lamps

Our single-phase UV power transformer, also known aspower supply or ballast electromagnetic, it has been speciallydesigned to meet the rigorous CEI regulations EN 61347. This device represents an autonomous group of ignition and adjustment of power for a wide range of medium pressure UV lamps, which include a mercury vapors, gallium, iodides and others. The ignition group is made up of a high internal impedance transformer and accessory control circuits, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

Our company, active in the electromechanical and industrial automation sector, operates proudly in the province of Bologna, offering a range complete with components and systems for powering media UV lamps pressure . Between Our products include electromagnetic ballasts with fixed power and variable power, ensuring flexible and adaptable solutions to the specific needs of our customers the entire national territory.


The regulation of the output power can occur through two distinct methodologies: via power sockets (steps) or in a continuously variable way. In the case of variation continues, specific electronic circuits are used that control an amplifier magnetic to ensure precise and smooth regulation of the power delivered.



Power Supply Variants: Options Available

The use of high internal impedance transformers in our solutions it allows to effectively manage the typical short circuit when turning on the lamps UV, avoiding the generation of destructive currents and maintaining the delivered current at the ideal value e characteristic of the lamp during normal operation. Each type of lamp requires a transformer specially designed to ensure optimal performance.

Our production range is divided into three types of power supplies for UV lamps:

> T.UV F with fixed output
> T.UV P with sockets (step)
> T.UV V with variable power

All command and control circuits are integrated on a single, mounted board directly on the transformer. Furthermore, upon request, we are able to create transformers with supply voltage and frequency different from the standard 400 V - 50 Hz, to adapt to the specific needs of our customers.

State-of-the-art ballast technology: Excellent Solutions for UV Lamps

Ballasts represent the pinnacle of technology and reliability for theinstallations of polymerizationthrough UV lamps, ensuring high levels of efficiency and stability operational. Furthermore, they stand out for their wide compatibility with the entire range of types and powers of UV lamps available on the market.

Given the working principle of UV lamps, which require high voltages for start and maintain the electric arc, you can not directly use the voltage of alternating network. A current limiting system is required to prevent a surge uncontrolled after turning on, which may lead to the lamp breaking shortly time.

For more information on our products and to request personalized quotes, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. We are present in the province of Bologna, we operate throughout the national territory.

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