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EFC: Production of Transformers and electrical, toroidal, industrial autotransformers

The company EFC srl, based in Villanova di Castenaso (Bologna), began its activity in the year 1964 and its technical and operational structure has constantly grown, knowing how to overcome even periods of crisis.

During his activity, he acquired long production experience in the branch of construction of autotransformers, single-phase electrical transformers and three-phase, special industrial transformers and electrical switchboards for i manufacturers of automatic machines.

In 2015 EFC also entered the development, production and marketing of components and power systems for industrial UV lamps for the drying and polymerization of inks and paints in the graphics sector and in the sector industrial painting, and in the production of toroidal transformers.

It works in the electromechanical field and in the construction of switchboards automation systemsfor over 60 years keeping as focal points of our I work the following principles:

> The customer and the care in following him in all his needs in order to obtain your full satisfaction

> The continuous search for product innovation and improvement of the services offered

> The structure of the company seen as a set of processes that are closely related to each other, with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity.

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The operational headquarters of EFC srl is located in the Ca' dell'Orbo artisan area Villanova di Castenaso (Bologna), in Via Grandi n. 13and the whole industrial plant covers an area of ​​approximately 600 m².

Thanks to the large production space available, the company is able to operate in the most complete autonomy, both in the series construction of industrial transformers single-phase and three-phase, which in the construction of electrical panels, even large ones.

Equipped with a highly competent technical staff, EFC also takes care of design electrical and drafting of electrical diagrams, with the help of stations with each electric EPLAN. Furthermore, it develops software for PLCs of the main brands.

The staff is constantly prepared and trained both for internal production, and for the creation of on-board machine systems at the headquarters customer.

A cutting-edge IT system, for management corporate and for management productive, allows you to check the status of deliveries in real time product traceability and availability of materials in stock.

Product Excellence and Safety

All transformers built by EFC are covered by warranty and built in compliance with EEC directives (CEI EN61558 standard): this is to give customers, in addition to quality, also the safety of the product.
The power range of the transformers produced by the company and electromagnetic components is the following:

> Single-phase transformers: from 50 VA to 35 kVA

> Single-phase transformers: from 50 VA to 35 kVA

> Single-phase transformers: from 50 VA to 35 kVA

Furthermore, EFC technicians are specialized in the wiring of electrical panels industrial, including edge machine, either of its own design or upon specific request and drawing of the customer.

The main customers are companies located in the province of Bologna and throughout Emilia-Romagna territory, leader in the construction sector and design of automatic machines and systems, which operate at level national ed international and which for several years have made use of the collaboration of EFC srl, with full satisfaction.

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