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| Design of electrical panels

We are specialized in the development and construction of control panel systems electricalfor industrial machines and robots, as well as control panels and control for use industrial. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services, ranging from design to the creation and assembly, up to the certification of conformity e to any installation and technical assistance.

The design of the electrical systems of the machines takes place in our technical office, where we use electrical CAD software such as ePLAN P8 2.6, which offers infinite possibilities for project planning, drafting of documentation and management of automation projects.

Automatic production of detailed reports based on circuit diagrams is part of this integral to our documentation system, providing relevant data for each stage of the project.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the technology sector, which now dates back 60 years of activity, we are considered a highly specialized company in design and construction of electrical distribution and automation panels.


Complete assistance

To guarantee a complete and high-quality service in the release of projects, our company has adesign office specialized in the field of plant engineering industrial electrical. Our team, with extensive technical experience and development, yes undertakes to fully understand the specific needs of the customer, offering support complete and a wide range of solutions.

After a careful analysis phase in collaboration with the customer, our team develops the preliminary project for special requests or complex jobs. This phase is preceded from an in-depth feasibility analysis, which allows us to guarantee maximum precision and adherence to project specifications.

Total Flexibility: We adapt the Solutions to Your Needs

With deep roots in the electrical industry, we specialize in the development of electrical panels for distribution and automation.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field. Using innovative methodologies, we are able to design and create systems of various sizes and complexities, from the smallest to the largest scale and articulated. When necessary, we also manage the development and programming of PLCs for the supervision and control of the systems. This process is accompanied by preparation of complete documentation, which includeselectrical diagrams detailed, use and maintenance manuals, operation manuals and declarations compliance.

We operate in the industrial automation sector in the province of Bologna, but we offer our services throughout the National territory. Our specialization lies in thedesign of paintings electrical systems and industrial electrical systems, guaranteeing high quality solutions And reliability.

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