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Industrial medium pressure UV arc lamps are produced using vitreous silica or quartz, materials extremely transparent to ultraviolet light. These lamps come sealed under pressure and contain gases and/or metals.

EFC srl, operating in Bologna and throughout the national territory, specializes in the marketing of UV lamps industrialad medium pressure arc. We offer mercury, gallium and iron lamps, used for drying paint using ultraviolet light, sourced from renowned manufacturers Europeans. Production takes place through the use of specialized equipment and the support of expert personnel from qualified suppliers.

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UV lamps are the heart of drying systems and polymerization via ultraviolet rays. To ensure their proper functioning, adequate feeding system and an oven specially designed to house them. Furthermore, the oven must be equipped with an adequate cooling system to maintain the optimal temperature during the process.



Principle of operation

By applying a high voltage pulse to the two pure tungsten electrodes located at the ends of the UV lamp, a discharge is generated which vaporizes gases and/or metals contained within, thus creating plasma. This plasma emits light, heat e UV radiation. UV radiation, in turn, ionizes the molecules of oxygen present into the air, generating ozone. For the system to work efficiently, it is necessary remove ozone generated using fans.

If required, it is possible to obtain UV lamps from the series L.UV also in Ozone Free version: in this case, the quartz is coated with a layer that prevents the formation of ozone.

Categories of UV Lamps

Mercury lamp: This type of lamp emits the entire spectrum ultraviolet, including UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths. Most UVA light emission does concentrates between 250 and 365 nm, making it particularly suitable for hardening resins and paints UV transparent.

Gallium lamp: A mercury UV lamp appropriately doped with gallium iodide introduces spectral lines at 403 and 420 nm. This type of lamp is effective in activating the photo-initiators masked by pigments in pigmented paints or inks.

Iron Lamp: Adding iron to a mercury UV lamp produces peaks of wavelengths concentrated between 320 and 400 nm. These lamps are ideal for drying of optically opaque materials such as the highly pigmented inks used in press.

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