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More and more companies aim to implement efficient production processes and reduce costs, the Electronic UV Ballast presents itself as the ideal solution to achieve these objectives. Thanks to its ease of installation and use, low management costs, superior performance compared to the competition and guaranteed safety during installation and use, the Electronic UV Ballast proves to be a fundamental ally.

Its high frequency output, with the possibility of continuous power regulation via potentiometer or MODBUS connection, it is designed to power and control of industrial UV lamps, offering optimal control over the processes of production.


The Electronic UV Ballast presents itself as a modern alternative advantageous compared to traditional fixed electromagnetic ballast, offering a series of improvements significant.

Our company, operating in the electromechanical and industrial automation sector, supplies a wide range of components and systems for the power supply of lamps Grape medium pressure, including electronic ballasts (or power supplies UV electronics). These devices represent an evolution in efficiency and practicality compared to obsolete electromagnetic ballasts, offering an advanced solution for the needs industrial.



Maximum power with maximum efficiency: a high level output

The B.UV, with its advanced microprocessor logic, requires only a few components additional accessories in the implementation of the electrical panel for control and section of sectioning.

The power section uses high-speed IGBTs, allowing you to achieve high output power levels with superior efficiency while maintaining size compact power supply.

The Ballast operates on a principle similar to that of a generator constant current. The current supplied to the lamp is constant and can be varied over a wide spectrum values, regulated according to a predefined set-point.

Thanks to the automatic management of standby mode, it is possible to optimize i times of machine inactivityand immediately return the lamp to its condition operational when required.

Easy and Intuitive Installation: The Simplicity is the Key

Thanks to the Electronic Ballast, installation becomes an intuitive process because it acts as an application autonomous from the controller, managing voltage and current separately autonomous. Equipped with an integrated parameter control display, it offers different control modes command, including Modbus 485, bidirectional serial or via a simple potentiometer. Furthermore, it automatically adapts to different types of UV lamps, ensuring effective operational management.

With the B.UV, it is possible to retrofit existing systems replacing traditional transformers, thus offering a modern and advanced solution.

Thanks to the installation of the B.UV, end users can manage your system more efficiently and economically, increasing the productive use of energy, improving the efficiency of the UV lamp and prolonging its average life.

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