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| IR lamps and IR ovens

Considering the current scenario of rising gas prices, this may be appropriate evaluate the adoption of systems with infrared lamps for drying and treatment of materials in various industrial processes, including:

> Drying of paints, water, vegetables, materials plastic, ceramic and stone
> Cooking food
> Polymerization of adhesives and tempering
> Preheating of metal (for example, in welding)
> Thermoforming of plastic materials
> Firing of composite materials

EFC has extensive experience in this industry and we are ready to provide valuable advice on how to optimize the use of infrared systems you want to install, also with particular attention to energy saving. Contact us for further personalized information and advice.


An Advantageous Option

Even with the installation of ovens equipped with high-power IR lamps, it is possibleto reduce actual consumption up to 40/50%through the use of controls temperature specially designed. These devices regulate the intensity of the lamps based on set parameters, reducing the energy used when the product reaches the desired temperature. In addition, from the point of view of heating, IR rays act only on solid bodies, eliminating the need to also heat the air inside the oven. This saves time and energy in reaching the ideal temperature for the process.

An additional advantage of IR lamps is their ability to start instantly without the need to preheat, unlike gas ovens which require a time of significant pre-ignition.


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As with systems equipped with UV lamps, also with regards to systems IR drying, EFC offers complete design and construction services, which include the electrical control panel and ovens with IR lamps. If you are interested in receiving a personalized quote, we invite you to contact us without hesitation. Our presence covers the entire national territory, so we are ready to meet your needs wherever you are.

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