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According to the legislative framework, sanitization activities involve a series of procedures and operations aimed at making certain environments healthy through cleaning, disinfection, disinfestation and control of microclimatic conditions such as temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Today, environmental protection is a crucial issue. Traditional disinfection methods with chemical solvents generate a high emission of environmental pollutants, both in form of harmful vapors and residues to be disposed of.

After extensive research, supported by numerous international scientific studies, it is It emerged that ultraviolet rays are widely used for sanitization. When i microorganisms are exposed to UV-C rays, the radiated energy modifies the nuclei of cells in such a way as to inhibit cell division and reproduction, thus destroying them microorganisms.

Scientific literature, including a report from the National Health Commission of China, confirms that Covid-19 is sensitive to UV-C rays. The effectiveness of therays UV- Cwas also demonstrated in field hospitals in Wuhan and Beijing, epicenters of the pandemic. For generate UV-C rays, which are not naturally present, capable UV-C lamps are used to emit radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, in the UV-C range (with lengths waveforms between 200 and 280 nm).

Immediate-acting UV-C lamps are effective in eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, molds and mites, damaging their DNA and preventing their reproduction. The action germicide of UV-C lamps can eliminate up to 99.9% of microorganisms.

The UV-C germicidal lamps used in our mobile sanitizer are of the type "ozone-free", which means they do not generate ozone emissions during operation.

The lamps are positioned in such a way as to guarantee correct irradiation of the environment, ensuring maximum safety for the operator. The operation of the lamps is controlled manually by the operator through buttons which, if released, cause the immediate switching off of the lamps. This ensures that the operator is never exposed to radiation.

The ease of movement allows you to treat areas that would otherwise be difficult reach with a fixed sanitization device.

There are many possibilities for using our mobile sanitizer: it is the solution ideal for ensuring complete sanitization in a wide range of public environments, private and professional, including churches, museums, hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, clubs, boats, ships, trains, supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, shops, professional offices, condominiums, warehouses, shopping centers, tourist and merchant ports, factories seaside resorts, banks, public offices, gyms and much more.


UVGSUN SUN BLUE sanitizer: Advantages and Benefits

The advantages of our sanitizer compared to the currently existing state of the art are the following:

> Ease of use: requires no details technical or IT knowledge.
> Absence of ozone: protects the environment, humans and the works of art.
> Complete and rapid sanitization: treatment of the entire internal volume of the room short time.
> Absence of chemical solvents: sanitization method safe and ecological.
> Ease of movement: the device is easily transportable from one place to another.
> Powered by internal rechargeable batteries: equipped with battery charger supplied for greater convenience.
> Ideal size for small spaces: suitable for use in spaces of limited dimensions.

It is important to note that UV-C radiation sanitizes only within its range, since the Radiated power is inversely proportional to the distance from the object. Therefore, the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the radiant power and exposure time.

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