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UV-C radiation, with germicidal properties (UVGI), represents a type of radiation electromagnetic with wavelength between 200 and 280 nm.

Depending on the physical and construction characteristics of the emitting source used, the radiation spectrum emitted can vary, while remaining within the UV-C range. The UV-C lamps to mercuryfor example, have an extended spectrum that covers the entire band, with a peak highlighted at approximately 253.7 nm.

On the other hand, UV-C LEDs have a narrower, more characterized spectrum from a very peak accentuated and at high power at a precise wavelength, usually around 275 nm. By changing the doping of the semiconductor during the production, it is possible to shift the peak of thewavelength between 240 and 280 nm. The value of 275 nm was chosen to maximize the efficiency of the UV-C LED.

With the BLUE SWORD accessory, our UVGSUN mobile sanitizer SUN BLUEallows you to also reach the shaded areas, which are often overlooked during operations sanitization with traditional devices.


UVGSUN BLUE SWORD: the specifications

> Equipment: n°24 UV-C LEDs
> LED electrical power: 18.6 W
> Wavelength of radiation: 275 nm
> System power supply with 2 rechargeable batteries Li-ION
> Autonomy: approximately 45 minutes of continuous operation
> Supplied with external battery charger
> Charging time: 1-4 hours (depends on the discharge status of the battery)
> Possibility of maintenance charging

The Keys to Sanitization Effective: Essential Parameters to Consider

The effectiveness in disinfecting viruses and bacteria is given by the energy emitted by the source UV-C, which is obtained by multiplying the radiated power (measured in mW/cm²) by the exposition time.

A practical example concerns the UV-C lamps available on the market, used to clean computer keyboards. It is often thought that simply passing the lamp is sufficient to achieve adequate disinfection. However, as already specified in Previously, two parameters are essential to achieve complete sanitization through irradiance: irradiance, or the intensity of light at a given length wave per unit surface expressed in mW/cm², and the time in which the surface comes exposed to radiation.

Simply state that a UV-C lamp, passed over the surface, guarantee the disinfection would not be correct. You need to specify how long you need stay still on one point or how fast we have to move to obtain energy request.

Furthermore, it is important to underline that the surface to be disinfected must be clean and, if it has rough surfaces or shaded areas, the optimal result cannot be guaranteed. In fact, UV-C light does not behave like a diffusing gas evenly and reaches even the shaded areas.

If you would like further details on devices for disinfecting surfaces via UV-C LEDs, please contact us. We are active in Bologna e we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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