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| Wiring on the machine

Our company, with over 60 years of experience in the sector of industrial automation, offers wiring services for electrical panels on board the machine, operating both in the province of Bologna and throughout the national territory. We are committed to ensuring precise and aesthetically pleasing wiring, always in compliance with current regulations.

Our highly qualified staff at EFC srl is trained to theinstallation accuracy of the cables, both for power distribution and for the power supply of the part electronics. This allows us to minimize the disturbances caused by emissions electromagnetic, ensuring optimal functioning of the systems.


Solutions tailored to yours wiring

In the process of creating systems on board the machine, we dedicate a particular one pay attention to the arrangement of the cables, ensuring adequate spacing between them used for power transmission and those intended for control. Also, we adopt all necessary technical measures to ensure a high level of immunity to disturbances, in full compliance with electromagnetic compatibility regulations.

The selection of cables is not limited to the choice of sections, but has a large importance also in the type of cable and insulation suitable for specific application and customer needs.

Our production department is made up of a highly qualified, characterized team by three fundamental attributes: flexibility, competence and precision. Everything is fine member involved in the development of a project he is aware of his role and collaborates closely with i technicians to ensure constant improvement of the final product.

Calculation Tools Technologically Advanced

Thanks to the constant attendance of our technicians at training and refresher courses, we guarantee the acquisition of the essential training credits to maintain a high standard qualitative.

Furthermore, our technical office is constantly updated on regulations and directives community standards in force, using cutting-edge calculation software to study and develop safe, precise and timely solutions.

These elements are fundamental for modern order management. The use of information technology allows us to optimize calculation and processing times graphics and production of the necessary documentation.

For more information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us. The Our specialized team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information. We operate in Bologna and throughout the national territory.

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