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MECSPE 2024 6/7/8 March

Also this year E.F.C. will be present at all times trade fair event on industrial innovations manufacturing. We are waiting for you in Bologna at stand E35 in pavilion 30.


Electrical transformers, UV components, UV-C sanitizers and other products!

EFC Srl is a company founded in 1964. Today, it operates in the fields of industrial automation and industrial painting with UV systems.

We design and manufacture single-phase, three-phase, power and other types of electrical transformers, autotransformers, inductors, impedances, ballasts and other UV components, switchboards, drying systems with UV, LED and IR lamps, as well as UV-C sanitizers. We can provide a complete electrical panel or machine wiring and design service.

The main companies we work with are located in the provinces of Bologna and Modena and in Emilia-Romagna, but our customer base covers the entire national territory.

E.F.C.: all-round high quality

Our company provides not only quality products, but also complete and efficient assistance; from its origins to the present day, E.F.C. has always been a center of excellence within the industry.

In recent years, we have developed a strong awareness of energy efficiency, designing and building equipment that uses less and less energy while increasing its efficiency.

We offer considerable experience and expertise in the design of static machines for transforming and converting electricity (such as transformers, inductors, and power units), as well as electric control panels and power panels.

Employing experienced, qualified staff and cutting-edge equipment, we produce high-quality components that meet both the most stringent standards and our customers’ multitude of needs.

The extensive range of services we offer is another of our unique qualities and it means we can work in synergy with our customers in diverse areas. Any customer who contacts us will appreciate our efforts to address all their business and production needs.

The trust received from the largest national companies is our best business card.




A transformer is a static electrical machine which decreases or increases alternating voltage.  It is equipped with a primary winding and a secondary winding, which are separate;  it is used to power electric user devices which operate on alternating current with a different voltage to the mains voltage. Our company manufactures single-phase, three-phase, power, and other products.



Autotransformers are a particular kind of transformer in which the primary and secondary windings are coupled together. They are used in applications where a voltage needs to be adapted to neighbouring levels, resulting in savings in costs (due to the smaller size and weight) with respect to a comparably rated single-phase or three-phase transformer. E.F.C. designs and manufactures single-phase and three-phase autotransformers.



An inductor is an inductive electrical component (inductor or impedance component or reactor) produced using a coil which has either an air core or is wound around a magnetic core. Impedance components are employed in various fields, from electronics to electrical engineering, for a wide range of uses. We design and manufacture inductors according to the required current, voltage, and frequency of use.


UV Components

Our company manufactures and sells complete UV systems, as well as individual components, such as electronic and electromagnetic ballasts for UV lamps, ovens and dryers for UV lamps, and medium-pressure mercury UV lamps. These products are designed for customers who need to dry and cure paints and inks that react to UV rays, such as those used in graphic arts and industrial painting.



For electrical panel and machine wiring, we use only CE-certified electromechanical components made by the world’s leading manufacturers in industrial automation. Of the services we offer the automation industry, PLC programming is one of our signature services and includes solutions tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers.


UV-C Sanitizers

Our company specializes in the supply of UV-C sanitizers, which are required for the sanitization and disinfection of rooms. We have a range that perfectly meets the requirements of the regulations in force: we handle the sale of UVGSUN SUN BLUE mobile sanitizers, UVGSUN BLUE SWORD portable sanitizers, stationary sanitizer for environments, air sanitizers and portable sanitizer boxes.

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